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You would think that a fairly popular spot like this one would have streamlined the process for recovering your username and password for a blog you've: abandoned for several years; secured with a password that matches none of the passwords you ever remember using for anything, ever; set the SMS recovery to a phone that doesn't actually take SMS messages; set the recovery email setting to an account to which you also no longer know the user name or password, and which itself is configured with a recovery account that you've also forgotten, although it might be one of six you currently use; and for which one can no longer remember most of the basic chronological highlights of the account's history to within more accuracy than, say, six months or so.

You'd think so, but you'd be wrong.

Guess that happens when you didn't build that....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exposed: Now You See It...

UPDATE: The vile plans of the OBAMA-crats have been undone! No doubt due to vigilant citizen-reporting such as that seen here by the likes of Glen Beck, Malkin, and yours truly! VICTORY FOR FREEDOM!

(Note: this post is absurdly large. I probably should have broken it into two posts, or edited it severely. This is the problem with arbitrary, self-imposed dead-lines. Bear with me- I think the ending works, and there are a couple of good spots along the way. Looking into ways to truncate posts with continued option.)_
Misdirection is the key element. We can create a space where we give them something to look at to take their mind away from what they really should be seeing.
-Chris Conti
So it seems that suddenly all the talking heads in the state run media and our 'representative' lie-bral aristocracy in congress are all a-twitter that "something must be done" (pound fist on desk impotently) about health-care. We need, they tell us, all sorts of reforms- blathering on and on to praise things like single-payers, choice (they love their abortions!), recissions, man dates (although what the homosexual agenda has to do with catching a cold is hardly clear), and death panels. Suddenly, out of the blue, with no precedent to speak of, we are told that we have a health care crisis! One would think that, were this the case, someone might have mentioned it in the presidential election we just held. Since I can remember no such calls, all this urgency seems a bit contrived. Obviously it can wait for later.

We all know the old rule when it comes to democrats: if they're running abound, shouting about what's going on on the one hand, its usually just to get you to ignore what they're doing with the other- normally some vile, depraved act just out of sight beneath the dinner table that is America! While most polite citizens would be happy to put down their forks, push back their chairs and merely walk away from such animal displays, this is not in the nature of a citizen journalist. It is our lot- nay our burning passion- to be driven to look under the table and watch every one of the sickened lusts these reprobates are slacking. And we will continue watching until the unpleasant, yet strangely fascinating, affair reaches its natural, shuddering and messy climax. Then we tell everyone we can what we saw, in as much detail as possible. For freedom.

So, what are the corrupto-crats desperately trying distract you from with all this 'health care' talk? For that, we turn to two of the most heroic heroes of independent-minded citizen-journalism:
Finishing second in the Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion.
Richard M. Nixon

Note: For some reason, every time I use the googles, I keep coming up with this picture of Michelle. Although it fails to portray her natural beauty accurately, I can't help but feel that it accurately portrays the fighting spirit of her soul.

Now, one of the five 'W' words that every citizen journalist learns from reading wikipedia is 'how'- as in, 'how is Obama cheapening the office of the president to secure this Olympic bid?' Another is 'who'- 'who will be funneling all the money that is supposed to go to the Olympics directly to the Obama machine?' 'What' is yet another- such as “what is the point of having the Olympics in chicago when it could be in Kenya?” Especially, since as Rush Limbaugh points out, it would let “Obama's brother... make some money renting out his hut to Bob Costas.”  It only seems fair.

But perhaps the most intriguing and important is 'why'- 'why does Obama want to have the Olympics in Chicago so much that he would bankrupt the county and kill countless grandmothers with phony healthcare in order to get it?' It is through asking simple, neutral questions like these that the truth of a matter is effortlessly be laid bare.

And the answer to that last question is simple: Obama is Chicago. He has ruled it through shadowy connections for decades and plans to make it the new capitol of his one world government. Towards this end, he is using the Olympics to reach three goals: 1) ensuring that every, last dollar in the US is funneled into his personal coffers, 2) providing a smoke screen to cover up the importation of a socialist hoard onto American soil and 3) the destruction of the NFL in favor of a one-world-soccer league.

Now, often times, people who are unfamiliar with the rules of citizen-journalism will ask for objective proof for the things we say. For instance, the moonbat­-o-sphere world is pretending to be outraged about the clip above, incredulously asking 'how can Glen Beck know that canada has gone bankrupt over the Vancouver Olympics when the won't occur until 2010?' This is because they don't understand the simple power of the 5 'W''s- once one asks one of these simple, unbiased questions, the answer is usually obvious. Beck doesn't have to prove that the Olympics will turn our 'neighbors' (ugh!) to the north into a banana republic in a few short years- HE SIMPLY KNOWS! All he had to do is ask himself the simple question: 'How badly will the Olympics devastate Canada in 2010,' and the answer is mathematically obvious.

Another example of this is Michelle Malkin's stunning revelation that the gang-related death of a teenager in Chicago was not only carried out with the direct approval of Barrak Hussian Obama, but was directly connected to the Olympic bid. You see, it's not necessary to all kinds of exhausting leg work and bothersome 'fact-finding' (whatever that is) in order to understand truth of this- all one has to do is ask,'why- since Obama is a thug, and therefore in charge of all the thugs in Chicago- did he personally order this hit,' and the answers drops out like a chicken-egg of freedom. ( It's is worth noting that Malkin is not alone in noting this connection- the Confederate Yankee has also discovered this self evident truth.)
The Faces of Obama: Gang Members, Organized Crime and Illinois Nazis

But, for those of you demanding proof of my ironclad observations I'll provide a few very suggestive factioids which clearly support my three theses:

BARRAK HUSSEIN OBAMA-THE CZAR OF CHICAGO?: A very interesting question- and I'll answer it by posing several more interesting questions! For example, how else was then candidate Obama able to personally strong arm the International Olympics committee into nominating Chicago in SEPT. 2008? And how is he, and he alone, managing to ram this debacle down the throats of the public there, when a very exacting, scientific poll (380 people, margin of error of only 5%) shows that only a teeny, tiny minority of 40% - 50% of voting Chicagoians in the major metro area support it- which, of course, means it faces an overwhelming disapproval rate of 84% across the chicagoland area. (Hat tip to Michelle Malkin!)

Further questions arise: Why did unnamed agents directly representing 'The One' himself order a local FOX affiliate to pull an anti-olympics news piece, going so far as to masquerade as the station's own management? Why would a firm involved in something called 'PR'- a firm that was once owned by David Axelrod, and that still employs his son- be doing public relations work for the nonprofit Chicago 2016 Committee even after Axelrod divested himself of any interest in it? How did Valerie Jerrett use the dead certainty the President's upcoming trip to profit obscenely by divesting herself of all realestate holdings she held before entering government? Why are they once again indoctrinating school children? Who are Penny Pritzker and Michael Scott Jr ? And finally, as and astute reader of Malkin's blog points out in an emai, (and which Malkin relates,)- what about:
Governor after Governor going to jail. Pay to play schemes. Crumbling and outdated infrastructure. Deteriorating public housing. Failing, dumbing-down schools. Hospital cutbacks. Sanctuary city. Never-ending gang wars (outbursts every Spring requiring massive police presence, police outmanned at the Taste of Chicago, innocents shot in the crossfire weekly, current beating video out now). Cemetery scandal (bodies removed and graves resold)…Acorn, Bill Ayers, Rezko, Blago, Wright. Univ. of Illinois 'clout' scandal. Illegal preferential city hiring. City inspectors on the take (Operation Crooked Code). Voter fraud. The unemployment rate. Taxes through the roof. Mayor Daley attempting to extend city taxes to the suburbs. All this, and more…
Penny Pritzker and Micheal Scott, Jr.

I believe I have proven my point. It is obvious from asking these many, completely innocuous and simple 'W' questions, that the only answer we can arrive at is that Obama is using his murky connections in his crime riddled pseudo-capital to funnel the wealth of the world into the coffers of his 'New Rome' in order to turn it into a city-state capitol of a world encompassing empire which is ruled by sharia law. Q.E.D.

IT'S THE SOCIALISM, STUPID: Now, as to the second charge. Once you realize that this whole puppet show is merely the opening salvo in a bid for world domination, the next question is, 'what will be the shape of the sad new world Dear Leader rules over?' Communist? Fascist? Or Socialist? In order to answer this question we should first look at the unwashed dregs The Messiah plans on soiling the unsullied ground of our proud nation with- they are, to a man, from bastions of filthy, godless socialism: places like Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Somalia, The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Island Seas, Lower Slobbovia and Republic of Strong Badia the Free.

Another factor in play is the staging ground for this imminent invasion: The Olympic Village. Bad enough is the fact that this compound is going to be built with government funds (socialism), feature communal living (Socialism) and free health clinics for participants. (SOCIALISM!) Worse still, it represents the crowning achievement for one the most notorious of our homegrown supporters of a marxian disneyland. I think we can all remember the last un-elected despot who cited the need for 'villages'- I speak, of course of Hillary Rodham Clinton (SOCIALIST!!!!!)- who once again just happens to hold an un-elected position in an illegitimate government. There is no doubt that these 'villages' are nothing other than fronts for FEMA-type reeducation camps for our nations center-right children.

And lastly, and most troubling, I give you this image of what will be hidden amongst the detritus washing up on our shores, should Obama succeeds in his megalomaniacal plan:

I won't describe this. It's too vile.



 This is the most transparently obvious of the three monumental threats to Life, Liberty and Justice, If you are only willing to follow the ironclad logic I've outlined above.

For centuries now, everything that is good and noble and pure about this experiment in citizen rule we call America has been distilled and celebrated in one activity that reveals all that is good in ourselves and our country. It is a sport, a calling, a wonderful dream that is so essentially American in its character and composition that we have named it the 'American Pastime.' I speak, of course, of the National Football League.
But there is another game out there- though I refuse to call it a 'sport'; a brutish heaving and ho-ing that pits disorganized masses of graceless thugs in a petty and pointless quest for endlessly tied games. Given their penchant for all things ugly and profane it has achieve something of a currency on that dismal island our future English over-lords call home.

Here, we rightly relegate this activity to the gutter realm of 'entertainment' usually reserved for snuff films and Celene Dion, under the name of 'soccer.'

In the land of vomitus beer and poor dental hygiene, they call it- and I shudder to even imagine what it must sound like in their guttural language:


It's obvious the two can not co-exist in a sane world, let alone the dystopia that Herr Husein is planning. Any question witch one he's betting on?
A picture is worth a thousand words.
-Napoleon Bonaparte
Since I promised my readers an exclusive, you might be wondering why I have spent so much time laying out the arguments of others, persuasive as they might be. Firstly, I do this to honor them- and the work they tirelessly do for the otherwise voiceless and powerless center-right majority in this country. Truly, their moderate and thoughtful words are provide us all- Reagan democrats, moderate libertarians, football moms- inspiration and hope.

And inspire me they did! Following in the footsteps of their intrepid citizen-journalism, I endeavored to contact a former acquaintance who went to school with the daughter of a man who was a drinking buddy of a former employee of a company which also once employed the son of David Axelrod to see if he could shed any light on the subject. Although he was unwilling to say much- out of fear or complicity, I couldn't say. But he had heard rumor's of a particular image that was being shopped around to silk-screening outfits in the Chicago-land area, with requests for bids to have it reproduced on t-shirts, boxer-shorts, and suspiciously flag sized lengths of fabric. I immediately dispatched his description to the the trusted academics of the world famous university I live by, and they faithfully recreated this ominous image. It may just be an honest, capitalist enterprise- or it may be the last thing you see as the FEMA helicopters round your family up for re-education. Either way, I present it for you here:

And now ask yourselves: WHY?

Good night, fellow Americans. God bless.

Even from the darkest cloud

A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.
-George William Curtis
A bit busy today- I have a MASSIVE expose in the works for tomorrow! But, just to let the many war-commenters who have come to count on this site for TRUTH and FREEDOM that I haven't abandoned them, I'm going to post this little appetizer. Trust me, the main course will be worth waiting for!

For now, please enjoy this video break, which I think will be inspiring. It tells the sad story of an young English boy who rejects the rampant degeneracy and crushing of hope and humanity that is the norm in his so-called 'country.' Just as Pinocchio dreams of one day becoming a real boy, so too does this poor soul pine for the day when his benighted land could be brought in under the wing of the eagle as "the 51 state of the USA." Of course the idea itself is preposterous-  why would we put ourselves in a position where we have to kick their pale, uncultured and unabashedly socialist behinds out of our country ONCE AGAIN? But I think its heartening that, even in a country that is "sick, sad, and confused"- peopled as it is with the bastard offspring of syphilitic kings- the yearning for the principals of freedom and American and exceptionalism can be found. This is a true American patriot, even though, god help us, he will never be an American. Enjoy:

Good night, fellow Americans. God bless.

Oh, and a brief hint about tomorrow's expose: It involves two words that begin with O, and only one of them is Obama!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Screw Turns

(Note to new readers: this is not my best post. That would be the one right before this one. I recommend that you immediately scroll down to that one, then maybe range around in the posts below, then come back to this one here.)
The blackest billingsgate, the most ungentlemanly insolence, the most yahooish brutality is patiently endured, countenanced, propagated, and applauded. But touch a solemn truth in collision with a dogma of a sect, though capable of the clearest proof, and you will soon find you have disturbed a nest, and the hornets will swarm about your legs and hands, and fly into your face and eyes.
     -John Addams

Well well well. To quote what Hussein Obama's mentor, tutor and possible biological father, (until I am can examine the original, certified, notarized, long form, vault copy certificate of live birth for myself, it would be irresponsible not to speculate,) Bill Ayers wrote in a personal letter to Osama Bin Laden in 2001: It appears the chickens have come home to roost.

As my many war-commenters will remember, a few days ago I broke the story of the horrifying attempts by none other than the usurper-in-chief himself to organize a cult of personality using the beacons of our future, our very children. Well, apparently, the word on the street has wound it's way up the grapevines to the halls of the ivory towers and tickled ears of our nation's elites- and as you can imagine, it seems there are quite a few movers and shakers 'getting sweaty beneath their white collars!' Now, apparently, the push back has begun!
There You Go Again.
     - Ronald Regan

Remember when this “administration” was willing to turn the full force of the Homeland security on a private citizen in a vain attempt to destroy citizen-journalist-hero Michelle Malkin? Well, like clockwork, they've once again leveled their sights on an American citizen, unleashing of one of the biggest of the big-dogs: newscaster John Leibowitz. From his 9/29- show starting at the 3:20 mark (Note: I include the clip for historical purposes only- I wouldn't recommend watching it, as professional-journalist Leibowitz's reporting skills are sub-par, even for the shout-masters at the MSM):
Who now among you thinks my “first they came for” rhetoric was overblown? It will be interesting to see how they attack your humble citizen-journalist tonight.

And the attacks are coming on other fronts as well: the crypto-facist-nazi-liberals at the agitprop hack-site Rumproast have threatened to add this beacon of truth to something called a “blog-roll”- no doubt another astro-turfed left-wing attempt to silence critics, something that us in the center right are thankfully above. Apparently,they have already sent an agent provociture on a scouting run at our little 'fortress of freedom.'

Obviously, they want to intimidate me into removing their quaint propiganda arm from my “Blogs I monitor” list. Well, think again! Unfortunately, that's not how us war-bloggers roll! Not only will I monitor them twice as hard- I encourage all my readers to monitor them as well. On that inevitable day when you rumproasters let your guard down, we will be there. And then, to quote an unnamed patriot (possibly the great Ronald Regan): “we will bury you.”

Good night, fellow Americans. God bless.

(And too my war-commenters: I apologize for the lack of depth in this particular bit of citizen reporting- unfortunately I allowed my son to get me entangled in an internet snipe hunt for an affordable, backwards compatible,. refurbished PS3. Apparently, they don't exist. Also, budding.) 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Exposed: Insidious Disinformation Campaign!

The trouble with too many people is they believe the realm of truth always lies within their vision. 
    - Abraham Lincoln
It was obvious even before it started that the state-run-media hacks would do their best to minimize the tea party movement's heroic and surprisingly civil efforts to further honest debate in this country at the 9/12 tea party in D.C. Of course, their first go-to in this charade was a bald faced attempt to  the  pass off approximately 2 million protesters as a statistically insignificant “tens of thousands”- imagine the hubris of an institution that tries to pretend that we viewers can't tell the difference between 200 people and 6. All one had to do is look at the photographic evidence! For instance, compare this picture of the 9/12 patriots assembled peacefully on the mall from the war-bloggers at Say Anything:

Actual Photo of 9/12 Tea Party

Now, for comparison, look at this similar aerial shot of the promise keepers assembly from 1997, which for comparison, numbered only around one million:

Photo of a different protest

Obviously, it's hard to compare the two directly, since the Tea Partiers in the first picture politely contained their protest to the area between the capital and 3rd street to allow a African-American group to hold a reunion where as in the second the Promise Keepers lounged in a much looser group that extended to 17th. But it's fairly obvious that there are at least twice as many people in the first picture- impressive, considering the fact that they occupied less than half the space!

Luckily, a number of more trustworthy and honorable news sources quickly put this obvious lie quickly  to bed. Even if one can't grasp the photographic evidence, you have to accept the words of the renowned academics and researchers cited by Glen Beck in this definitive debunking of what I call the “thousanders”:

Obviously, in the face of such ironclad scholarship, especially given the pedigree of the well respected university in question, the state-run-media had to back off of their scurrilous claims- for a while, at least. But, I believe I have uncovered a  the first wave in a guerrilla campaign revive the revisionist crowd counting.

The history of our race, and each individual`s experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.  
   - Mark Twain

The evidence is spread across the web, so widely and pervasively scattered that I can not help but believe it is being coordinated by some overreaching conspiracy. I've chosen two examples at random:

These pictures, posted at supposedly unconnected websites, purport to to be accurate pictures of 9/12 patriots on the day of the historic 2 million+ rally. The minute I saw them, my instincts as a budding citizen-journalist and war-blogger immediately recognized that a smell test was not being passed here! But, unlike the so-called 'main-stream-media journalists' who are content to pass off whatever fever dream that happens to skitter across echoing, white linoleum emptiness of their febrile minds as unassailable 'fact'- I decided to take the extra step and do some research! Research which confirmed my darkest fears!

Using the same sophisticated techniques pioneered by the citizen-scientists Techdude and Polarik who uncovered the forged 'birth certificate' of one BARRAK HUSSAIN OBAMA, I analyzed the two photos above. It was a complicated, lengthy process involving sophisticated analysis programs with names like Photoshopper Plus2 and complicated techniques like 'sharpen', 'resize' and the obscure 'the contrast' process. What I found was clear evidence of tampering in the areas indicated below:

You see, as the Washington City Paper points out, researchers at University of Illinois and Penn State have “concluded that the Mall, which takes up 2,620,515 square feet, could fit only 1,048,206 people, and that’s if they took up every inch of ground space and each person is allotted just 2.5 square feet, or about the size of the front page of USA Today.” And since on 9/12 there were twice that many people squeezed attentively in less than half that space, it's obvious that each protester on that day had only an area ¼ the size of a front page to stand in.

But, what do we see in these so called “authentic” photos? EMPTY GRASS! Much of it far larger than a newspaper! It is obvious what has happened here- some one with highly developed skills and almost certainly extremely expensive equipment HAS REMOVED DOZENS OF PROTESTERS AND REPLACED THEM WITH GRASS! All to support their ridiculous “thousander's template.”

Now, a conventional journalist- like, for instance, Glen Beck- is often forced by the MSM to rest on their laurels this point, merely content with exposing the lies of  the so-called-journalists in the pathologically dishonest sate-run-media. But not a citizen-journalist, like me and Michelle Malkin! For each citizen journalist is, in addition, an activist-for-truth- correcting the wrongs we see by personally inserting ourselves into the stories we report on in the spirit of true objectivity that journalism once held dear.

Luckily I, just by coincidence, live within driving distance of the same fine university Glen Beck mentioned in the above video, and am friendly with individuals in a department closely associated with the researchers he references. So I got together with these colleagues of those same researchers Glen Beck used (in this case an associate professor of advertising and a student of something called graphic design)- and together, using painstaking mathematics and subtle clues in the altered photos, we were able to reconstruct the scene as it must have actually looked before the revisionist editing:

I strongly urge all war-bloggers and citizen-journalists to avoid, at all cost, the many obviously misleading photos that are springing up across the web. In a perfect world, I would hope that they would preform the same procedures on other photos they come across that I have here, thus expanding the range of accurate portrayals of this proud day until they overwhelm the small army of fakes- but if this is beyond your capabilities, I give permission to link to those here. Preferably with attribution

Good night, fellow Americans. God bless.

A Grateful Nation Breaths a Sigh Of Relief

 There's a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.
- Rush Limbaugh

As I mentioned in the comments previously, I am currently working on a complacency-shattering expose that will, I feel certain, be held up as a great victory of truth over forces of deception- in the same breath as the Whitewater investigation, Rathergate, and the proud day that patriot war-blogger Michelle Malkin proved that a 12-year old lied to the nation about s-chip by exposing his family's granite counter tops.

This is not that. That will come later tonight.

However, I decided that I must take the time from that complicated story to inform my readers of another breaking story in the world of citizen journalism. In recent days, the nation has lived under a cloud of dread regarding the death of census worker Bill Sparkman in Kentucky, and has searched mightily for a motive that doesn't implicate innocent becons of truth like Michele Bachman.

I am ecstatic to announce another patriot war-blogger Dan Riehl has cracked the case! I will let his Holmsian deductive faculties speak for themselves:
The condition of the body and his being naked also seems curious. Why strip someone down to their socks only to kill them? Finally Sparkman's bio and work history suggests at the least he was not just your average guy. No teaching degree, no full-time means of employment and no wife or kids so far as I am aware...   
I can't help but wonder if this wasn't a revenge killing disguised to look like something else. If he did have issues in this regard and messed with the wrong kid, it isn't as if something like that can be ruled out until we know more.
Of course, the eventual resolution of this matter was Fait accompli once the astute mister Riehl turned is prodigious attention to it. And we all know that no tears should be shed for anyone who would willingly defile our youth. I am just just glad that we can now go about our lives knowing that, rather than a senseless crime, what we see here is, in fact, justice.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Koming Kulturkampf Kontinues...

It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision
    - Helen Keller
I realize, in retrospect, that some may feel I was over-zealous in the ending to last nights post, where I compared the marching socialism of the Obama nanny-statism to the to the obviously equivalent nanny statism of Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler. I can think of two groups who might raise such concerns: 1) people that obviously hate their own country, or 2) those who, through no fault of their own, are little better than blind and deaf to the world around them. I mean this in a political sense of course- as anyone who has the barest grasp of history knows, those who actually suffer from these maladies in a physical sense will, as a rule, eagerly sell their freedom to the fascistic 'differently-abled' movement that holds such sway over our parking lots, thus falling under the first category by default and, by definition, are lost to us from the start.  (I can't, myself, account for this tragedy, but many have noted its ubiquity- If only they would heed the words of the wise woman I have quoted above and reject the tyranny of socialism.)

Now, while someone of my limited abilities has no chance of reaching the first group, I do hold out hope for reaching some few of those in the latter- or middle, depending on how you, the reader are counting things. (I myself, of course, count only two groups, since as a wise man once pithily observed “the only thing in the middle of the road is road kill”- ha ha! Touche, bon mot, too true, John Towers!)

Unfortunately, to be uncertain regarding politics in a conventional sense is one thing- even I am given to occasional lapses from time to time. But in order to wake those who cling to what must be willful obtuseness in the face of the political hell storm that has enveloped this battered nation in the past six months- this takes, in the words of Matt Drudge, a SHOCKING VIDEO:
"When an opponent declares,
'I will not come over to your side.'
I calmly say, 'Your child belongs to us already…'”
     - Adolf Hitler

Now I imagine some of you are feeling a bit uncomfortable right now- wondering to yourselves if you have somehow accidentally wandered into a Stormfront tribute thread, or some sick pedophilia-tinged political-theater created by Joe Stalin himself! I also share your discomfort. I admit I hesitated before placing such strong, repugnant imagery where even children could find it- I have a child myself! But this is too important for such considerations. In this case, the needs of my country are greater than any one person's mental safety- even if it is that of my own son.

For you see- this is not an archival film of Communist Russia, or Nazi Germany or even that hellish bastion of seething secular socialism that is modern day England, where those unfortunate enough to get a head cold must wait months before they can see their government provided death panel. No- THIS IS AMERICA! Or, should I say, Barrack Hussain Obama's Amerikkka!

You can be excused if you didn't immediately recognize this image of racist-socialist-communist-fascist indoctrination as something that would come from our proud country, with its noble center right traditions of honoring the patriotic call to FREEDOM, support for a conservitive traditions and shielding our innocent children from the gritty and unfortunate hurdy-gurdy of politics- like, for instance, innocent, the blue-eyed, blond haired Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sister Joyce Lynn Arian Nation. No, we only had to worry about such vile indoctrination occurring in isolated pockets, for example in the notoriously left-wing racist hate groups like the Klan. But, innocence? innocence was kept pure!

Now, less than one year after the usurpation of our democracy, we have come to this.
Remember, people- it took Hitler several years, and a 600+ book, before he could inspire this eerily similar display:

And it took the might of the entire red army to coerce the Russian people into using their children to curry favor with tyrants like this:

Look familiar? It should- just look at the children in the video! Familiar like a mirror!

Even in the country of our supposedly 'trusted' socialist 'friends', (according to 'Dear Leader'- I prefer to call them 'our former enemies,') it was only after centuries of habitual, obsequious and self-imposed serfdom that a display of such feckless abandon would even be possible towards a political leader in their new socialist heaven-

God save the Queen, indeed. And remember- the 'z' in Nazi? It stands for SOCIALISM!

Never before has such injustice been visited upon the most innocent! Again, my friends we have fallen as far as the worst tyrants in history have been able to drag their nations- In less than a year! How much further can we afford to fall before we, the new sons of liberty, are forced to act?

God have mercy on us all, my friends- and I only pray that the children shown in the SHOCKING VIDEO, and any other impressionable children that might wander across the psyche-rending horror that is this video, will at lest mange to hold out for the Republican Health Care Reform bill to pass before their madness truly becomes incurable.

Good night, fellow Americans. God bless.