Monday, September 28, 2009

Exposed: Insidious Disinformation Campaign!

The trouble with too many people is they believe the realm of truth always lies within their vision. 
    - Abraham Lincoln
It was obvious even before it started that the state-run-media hacks would do their best to minimize the tea party movement's heroic and surprisingly civil efforts to further honest debate in this country at the 9/12 tea party in D.C. Of course, their first go-to in this charade was a bald faced attempt to  the  pass off approximately 2 million protesters as a statistically insignificant “tens of thousands”- imagine the hubris of an institution that tries to pretend that we viewers can't tell the difference between 200 people and 6. All one had to do is look at the photographic evidence! For instance, compare this picture of the 9/12 patriots assembled peacefully on the mall from the war-bloggers at Say Anything:

Actual Photo of 9/12 Tea Party

Now, for comparison, look at this similar aerial shot of the promise keepers assembly from 1997, which for comparison, numbered only around one million:

Photo of a different protest

Obviously, it's hard to compare the two directly, since the Tea Partiers in the first picture politely contained their protest to the area between the capital and 3rd street to allow a African-American group to hold a reunion where as in the second the Promise Keepers lounged in a much looser group that extended to 17th. But it's fairly obvious that there are at least twice as many people in the first picture- impressive, considering the fact that they occupied less than half the space!

Luckily, a number of more trustworthy and honorable news sources quickly put this obvious lie quickly  to bed. Even if one can't grasp the photographic evidence, you have to accept the words of the renowned academics and researchers cited by Glen Beck in this definitive debunking of what I call the “thousanders”:

Obviously, in the face of such ironclad scholarship, especially given the pedigree of the well respected university in question, the state-run-media had to back off of their scurrilous claims- for a while, at least. But, I believe I have uncovered a  the first wave in a guerrilla campaign revive the revisionist crowd counting.

The history of our race, and each individual`s experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.  
   - Mark Twain

The evidence is spread across the web, so widely and pervasively scattered that I can not help but believe it is being coordinated by some overreaching conspiracy. I've chosen two examples at random:

These pictures, posted at supposedly unconnected websites, purport to to be accurate pictures of 9/12 patriots on the day of the historic 2 million+ rally. The minute I saw them, my instincts as a budding citizen-journalist and war-blogger immediately recognized that a smell test was not being passed here! But, unlike the so-called 'main-stream-media journalists' who are content to pass off whatever fever dream that happens to skitter across echoing, white linoleum emptiness of their febrile minds as unassailable 'fact'- I decided to take the extra step and do some research! Research which confirmed my darkest fears!

Using the same sophisticated techniques pioneered by the citizen-scientists Techdude and Polarik who uncovered the forged 'birth certificate' of one BARRAK HUSSAIN OBAMA, I analyzed the two photos above. It was a complicated, lengthy process involving sophisticated analysis programs with names like Photoshopper Plus2 and complicated techniques like 'sharpen', 'resize' and the obscure 'the contrast' process. What I found was clear evidence of tampering in the areas indicated below:

You see, as the Washington City Paper points out, researchers at University of Illinois and Penn State have “concluded that the Mall, which takes up 2,620,515 square feet, could fit only 1,048,206 people, and that’s if they took up every inch of ground space and each person is allotted just 2.5 square feet, or about the size of the front page of USA Today.” And since on 9/12 there were twice that many people squeezed attentively in less than half that space, it's obvious that each protester on that day had only an area ¼ the size of a front page to stand in.

But, what do we see in these so called “authentic” photos? EMPTY GRASS! Much of it far larger than a newspaper! It is obvious what has happened here- some one with highly developed skills and almost certainly extremely expensive equipment HAS REMOVED DOZENS OF PROTESTERS AND REPLACED THEM WITH GRASS! All to support their ridiculous “thousander's template.”

Now, a conventional journalist- like, for instance, Glen Beck- is often forced by the MSM to rest on their laurels this point, merely content with exposing the lies of  the so-called-journalists in the pathologically dishonest sate-run-media. But not a citizen-journalist, like me and Michelle Malkin! For each citizen journalist is, in addition, an activist-for-truth- correcting the wrongs we see by personally inserting ourselves into the stories we report on in the spirit of true objectivity that journalism once held dear.

Luckily I, just by coincidence, live within driving distance of the same fine university Glen Beck mentioned in the above video, and am friendly with individuals in a department closely associated with the researchers he references. So I got together with these colleagues of those same researchers Glen Beck used (in this case an associate professor of advertising and a student of something called graphic design)- and together, using painstaking mathematics and subtle clues in the altered photos, we were able to reconstruct the scene as it must have actually looked before the revisionist editing:

I strongly urge all war-bloggers and citizen-journalists to avoid, at all cost, the many obviously misleading photos that are springing up across the web. In a perfect world, I would hope that they would preform the same procedures on other photos they come across that I have here, thus expanding the range of accurate portrayals of this proud day until they overwhelm the small army of fakes- but if this is beyond your capabilities, I give permission to link to those here. Preferably with attribution

Good night, fellow Americans. God bless.


  1. this is............. THE BEST POST EVER

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  4. "Jokes of the proper kind, properly told, can do more to enlighten questions of politics, philosophy, and literature than any number of dull arguments."

    -- Isaac Asimov

  5. I'm just thankful someone from law enforcement was on the scene to keep an eye on slender man.

  6. Thank heavens for nation-loving, keen-eyed observers such as yourself- keep up the good work! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  7. @nomad q. qings-

    Point taken. I realize that occasionally I let my outrage get the best of me, and come across as a bit over-serious.

    I'll try to lighten things up in the future- throw in a little joke here and there.

    Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious. ~Peter Ustinov

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    Thank you, Sir or Madam. It is citizen-pundits/war-commenters like yourself that give me hope for this country.

    Si tu id aeficas, ei venient! Ager somnia!

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