Monday, September 28, 2009

A Grateful Nation Breaths a Sigh Of Relief

 There's a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.
- Rush Limbaugh

As I mentioned in the comments previously, I am currently working on a complacency-shattering expose that will, I feel certain, be held up as a great victory of truth over forces of deception- in the same breath as the Whitewater investigation, Rathergate, and the proud day that patriot war-blogger Michelle Malkin proved that a 12-year old lied to the nation about s-chip by exposing his family's granite counter tops.

This is not that. That will come later tonight.

However, I decided that I must take the time from that complicated story to inform my readers of another breaking story in the world of citizen journalism. In recent days, the nation has lived under a cloud of dread regarding the death of census worker Bill Sparkman in Kentucky, and has searched mightily for a motive that doesn't implicate innocent becons of truth like Michele Bachman.

I am ecstatic to announce another patriot war-blogger Dan Riehl has cracked the case! I will let his Holmsian deductive faculties speak for themselves:
The condition of the body and his being naked also seems curious. Why strip someone down to their socks only to kill them? Finally Sparkman's bio and work history suggests at the least he was not just your average guy. No teaching degree, no full-time means of employment and no wife or kids so far as I am aware...   
I can't help but wonder if this wasn't a revenge killing disguised to look like something else. If he did have issues in this regard and messed with the wrong kid, it isn't as if something like that can be ruled out until we know more.
Of course, the eventual resolution of this matter was Fait accompli once the astute mister Riehl turned is prodigious attention to it. And we all know that no tears should be shed for anyone who would willingly defile our youth. I am just just glad that we can now go about our lives knowing that, rather than a senseless crime, what we see here is, in fact, justice.

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